All Of The Possible Death Stranding Cameos, Based On Kojima’s Many Selfies

All Of The Possible Death Stranding Cameos, Based On Kojima’s Many Selfies

Following Geoff Keighley’s surprise-cameo in Death Stranding, just about anyone who visited Kojima Productions could find themselves in the game.

DEATH STRANDING™ Hideo Kojima cameo

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Characters and Voice Actors – Death Stranding

Make sure to hit the �� to be notified when new videos are uploaded. Death Stranding is an action game developed by Kojima Productions. The game is set in the United States during the aftermath of the eponymous Death Stranding, which caused destructive creatures from a realm between life and death to begin roaming the Earth. Players control Sam Bridges, a courier tasked with delivering supplies to the fractured and isolated colonies that remain and reconnecting them via a wireless communications network.
This video highlights the voice talent behind Death Stranding’s characters, the characters still images were capture on the PS4.

Voice Cast
Sam Porter Bridges – Norman Reedus
Clifford Unger – Mads Mikkelsen
Fragile – Léa Seydoux
Mama/Lockne – Margaret Qualley
Higgs Monaghan – Troy Baker
Die-Hardman – Tommie Earl Jenkins
Bridget Strand – Lindsay Wagner
Deadman – Jesse Corti
Heartman – Darren Jacobs
Amelie/Bridget Strand – Emily O’Brien
Young Sam – Max Mitchell
Igor/Viktor – David Forseth
The Engineer – Yuri Lowenthal
The Evo-Devo Biologist – Courtenay Taylor
Jake Wind/Nick Easton – Scott Whyte
George Baton – Oliver Vaquer
Benjamin Hancock – Darin DePaul
William Lake – Ike Amadi
Thomas Southerland – Matthew Yang King
Alex Weatherstone – Stephen Young
Owen Southwick – Andrew Kishino
Charles Khan – Noshir Dalal
Phillip North – Keith Silverstein
The Ludens Fan – Matthew Mercer
The Musician – Daisuke Tsuji
The Elder – Armin Shimerman
The Craftsman – Ray Chase
The Timefall Farmer – Elias Toufexis
The Junk Dealer – Josh Keaton
The Chiral Artist – Mala Morgan
The Roboticist – Salli Saffioti
The Mountaineer – Travis Willingham
The Photographer – Erin Fitzgerald
The Spiritualist – Sara Cravens
The Doctor – Daniel Hagen
The Geologist – Walter Gray IV
The Paleontologist – Max Mittelman
The Veteran Porter – Liam O’Brien
The Film Director – Robbie Daymond
The Wandering MC – Conan O’Brien


All video clips are taken from gameplay played and recorded by me. The process of video creation itself takes over 10 hrs on average. All video are heavily edited/transformative and as per YPP’s policies the the editing adds creative value which makes content unique.

Hideo Kojima’s Next Game is PlayStation-Exclusive Death Stranding 2

The latest leaks suggest that Kojima Productions’ next flagship release might not be an all-new IP and that it might not be coming to all platforms.

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